5 Reasons Every Local Business Should Use Videos In Their Marketing Strategy.

Study after study has proven that more customers are paying attention to video marketing. And not only are they paying attention to it, they love it, they’re sharing it, and they’re buying into it. And it’s not a trend that’s going to slow down any time soon.

So why are some business owners still not convinced? Maybe they think creating videos is too expensive, or that no one will pay attention to a video anyway. Or, maybe they just haven’t heard enough good reasons to convince them just yet. For those business owners, below are the top five most compelling reasons every local business should use videos in their marketing strategy.

#1: Video gives great ROI 

One reason business owners are so reluctant to jump into video marketing is because they think it’s expensive and that in the end, the expense ultimately won’t be worth it. But this is just not true. Anyone who has a smartphone these days can easily create a video in just a matter of minutes. Videos can be created very quickly and, for those business owners that want to do something a little extra with their video, there are tons of online video editing tools that can help jazz a video up and make it even more interesting. But business owners don’t even have to worry about jazzing up their videos all that much because consumer aren’t expecting videos made by businesses to be extremely professional.

Research shows that consumers are most put off by videos that don’t thoroughly explain a product a service. Things like style, design, and even quality don’t play as much of a factor as many business owners would think. So while it’s best that the video is of decent quality, it certainly doesn’t have to be perfect and as long as the point gets across to viewers, that will be enough to make the video effective. Also, unlike television where video spots must be purchased, it costs very little to get these videos out to your audience. The most costly expense would be if you wanted to buy some ad space on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram.

But creating a YouTube channel for your videos costs nothing, and you could promote these videos on your business’ blog, or post the videos there directly. Of course, simply having a Facebook page or Instagram business profile also doesn’t cost anything and videos can be posted here too. These methods of sharing your video will get it in front of the eyes of customers for absolutely free! What other form of marketing can say that?

#2: Videos build trust

Every business owner knows that in order to sell, they need to build trust with their customers. Their customers need to know that the product or service they’re selling is of high-quality, and they need to trust that they will be given great customer service before, during, and after the purchase. This is the backbone of sales, and video marketing can help build that trust.

57 percent of consumers say that videos give them more confidence to make purchases, and that confidence is really just trust in a company. Trust that they’re not going to get cheated, that they’re going to get what was promised to them, and trust in the company they’re buying from. And this trust is largely built because video marketing engages the audience and ignites their emotions.

Don’t understand how that could happen? Consider YouTubers, people who have created their own YouTube channel and have actually made a very good living off of simply creating videos. How have they done this?

Because they foster trust in their audience. They make their target audience feel as though they can really get to know the YouTuber, and that they can relate to them. When people in that audience then begin to comment on certain videos, they may feel as though the YouTuber is getting to know them too. When this kind of engagement is happening, the audience starts to feel as though they’re building a relationship with the YouTuber, and trust is further cemented in that YouTuber.

Local business owners can use this same strategy to their advantage. Their audience may be within the community and not around the world as a YouTuber’s may be, but they will still be fostering trust and building relationships. And that will be incredibly beneficial to their business!

#3: Videos can explain concepts more effectively

Business owners may not realize it, but many times customers may simply not purchase a product or service because they simply don’t understand how it works. It could be a great product, but customers won’t buy something that they won’t be able to use.

Video marketing can be the best tool to combat this problem. All businesses have to do is create a video showing or explaining how a product works. These are often called ‘explainer videos’ or ‘tutorials’. When businesses use them, customers can learn in just a few minutes how a product or service works. And that will make them more likely to buy the product and will increase profits for the business.

Still don’t believe that they work? Consider that 45 percent of businesses that use video marketing place an explainer video right on the home page of their website. And of those businesses, 83 percent said that the explainer video was very effective. And it’s not just businesses that think these videos are effective. 98 percent of consumers that have watched an explainer video have stated that they will watch an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. And 74 percent of people who watch those videos will go on to buy the product explained in the video.

Those are hard stats to refute.

But as important it is for businesses to create explainer videos, it’s just as important those videos effectively explain the product or service. While most products can be easily explained in a video, some are a bit more complicated. When this is the case, animated videos have shown to be the most effective. These types of videos can break through all the other talking heads on the Internet and make the very most out of the video.

#4: Consumers prefer video to text

For a long time, content marketing focused around text-driven content. Articles were submitted to article directories such as Ezine Articles and businesses placed a ton of focus on publishing regular blog posts and making sure their websites were filled with written text that effectively reached out to and converted customers.

Article directories have somewhat gone by the wayside, but website content is still very important. And while including dynamic web content and great blog posts is still important, having videos is even more important. And that’s because customers love them!

This is for a couple of reasons. The first is because a video can communicate an idea or concept much more effectively than written text. But it’s also because in today’s busy world, people don’t have time to scroll through pages and pages, or even paragraphs, of text. Today’s consumers want to know that they can watch a video and in two minutes or less, fully understand a product, service, or brand.

Videos help cast a wider marketing net because they appeal to a bigger audience. In fact, 68 percent of consumers say that they would rather watch a video explaining a product rather than read a page of text explaining the same thing. Not only can a video be watched more quickly than reading text, it’s also easier to understand and is more interesting to the user.

To make it even more interesting, it’s recommended that businesses don’t just appeal to the eyes of consumers, but also to their other senses as well, mainly the ears. This can involve playing music, or simply not speaking in a monotone while explaining the product. After all, in order for consumers to find a video interesting, it has to actually be interesting.

#5: Video marketing can boost conversions and sales

So this compelling reason for businesses to start including video marketing campaigns into their advertising may be last on the list, but it’s the most important one. In fact, all other reasons for businesses to use video marketing point back towards this one – video marketing can boost conversions and sales. And that’s the reason any business invests time and money into any form of marketing.

In addition to more consumers buying a product after watching video, there are other ways videos can increase conversions and sales, too. People who watch videos have been found to stay on a page or website twice as long as those that do not watch a video. And more people retain information after watching a video than they do after reading a page of text. And business owners know that when they can get into the minds of consumers – and stay there – their marketing efforts are already being effective.

Another way video marketing can boost conversion and sales is because videos have massive potential to go viral, meaning that more people will see it. Pages of text don’t go viral, it just doesn’t happen. But pictures do, and videos do so even more. This goes back to the fact that people love videos, and people really love interesting videos. When they find one, they’ll want to share it with the people they know, so more people will see the video. And the more people that see the video, the more likely it is to boost conversions and sales.

Businesses invest in marketing for one reason and one reason only – to get more sales and increase their profits. And while there are many compelling reasons for businesses to invest in video marketing, it all comes back to this one. Creating and posting videos online simply means more profits for the business.

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